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Imagine finding a whole group of like-minded mamas eager to walk beside you on your pregnancy journey

After the explosion of social media, it seems like while we can literally connect with millions of people instantly…we’ve become more isolated, and you’re feeling downright lonely.

We've created a safe space where mamas with similarly aged kids could gather, talk about baby gear, milestones, vent about the challenges of parenting, and celebrate the little moments.

When women support women in an unfiltered, loving environment, magic happens.

For so many mamas, finding answers they can trust and people who ‘get’ them feels impossible… 


Because, let’s face it, making friends as an adult is *far* from easy.

It’s probably why we spend so much time on social, looking for something to distract us from the type of real, genuine connection we all secretly need. 

And if we’re being really honest?

It’s challenging to pluck up the courage to ask questions about motherhood. About your lady parts. About your child’s development. Or your own mental health. It’s so much easier to pretend you can do it all on your own. 

And who would you even ask?

Everywhere we travel online is filled with judgment, comparison, and a bunch of “expert” opinions from decidedly non-experts in the comments of social media.

Which is *exactly* what I’m here to change.

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Allow me to put my arm around you and welcome you into the Labor Nurse Mama Community, friend.

Calm Mama Society is a low-cost monthly membership on a completely private platform that gives you access to experts and community with other pregnant mamas just like you. 


I’ve built this online haven for mamas who:

  • Love genuine connection
  • Enjoy supporting others on the same journey
  • Believe that mom-shaming is vile and should never be tolerated


Mamas who are eager to learn from experts in the fields of: 

  • Nutrition
  • Infant Massage
  • Perinatal Life coach classes
  • Fertility 
  • Pregnancy & Postpartum pain solutions
  • Hormones
  • Sleep training
  • Newborn care
  • Breastfeeding
  • Formula feeding
  • Pelvic floor care
  • Postpartum depression
  • Relationship challenges after baby
  • Pregnancy complications of every sort (preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, etc)
  • ...and more

I’ve made this completely private online community specifically for mamas…it’s a place where you can cut out the noise of the rest of the internet, social media judgment and comparison, and just…be yourself.

Come on in!

Real Talk:

Mamahood isn't easy but you don't have to do it alone!

The Labor Nurse Mama Community is unlike anything else on the internet…and right now, you can get in for just $19 a month

Cancel your membership at any time!

Inside this community, you’ll always feel like you belong.

How can I guarantee that?

Because inside, I’ve broken down the whole, huge group into smaller sub-communities (think Reddit without the creeps and complainers)

We’ve got a mini-community for everyone, from pregnancy to one year postpartum (maybe longer)

But here’s the not-so-fine print: bullying or hate of any kind will not be tolerated and result in immediate removal from the community.

Yup, This is my kinda place! Count me in!

It’s time we take back the narrative on motherhood, and confidently raise wonderful human beings.

Can you imagine how deep-in-your bones amazing it would feel to:

  • Know you’ve got a squad of mamas just like you to talk to at any time and who’s truly got your back
  • Access expert advice you can TRUST — instead of desperately scouring the internet for tips after a 3 AM feeding or waiting for a pediatrician appointment (and then forgetting to ask your question)
  • Know what’s normal and what’s not when it comes to your body and your child’s development
  • Share your struggles and triumphs with people who get it
  • Feel completely confident and informed about your parenting choices
I need this!

If we haven’t met yet, hi! I’m Trish, virtual labor nurse/doula, and host of the Calm Mama Society.

Welcome! I’m so, so glad you’re here!

After spending over 16 years in the labor and delivery room and leading massive online communities focused on pregnancy & postpartum education, I’ve created a safe space for mamas to gather.

The Calm Mama Society is the culmination of my lifelong dream.

For years, I’ve been searching for a space where women can:

  • Talk freely about their bodies 
  • Share struggles without being judged
  • Find reliable advice about motherhood

And since I couldn’t find a place like that anywhere else, I decided to make one of my own. 

In these ‘challenging times’ finding a community to belong to is essential.

And in the age of information overload, accurate and trustworthy advice can be harder to find than a doctor who will spend more than a few minutes with you in the labor room…

Which is why we need to gather, share, and support each other.


Once you’re a part of the community, you’ll have access to:


Weekly Guest Workshops

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from my colleagues and industry leaders. These speakers are intentionally selected and carefully curated based on community interest and need. So you’ll never be overwhelmed with information you don’t want!

Exclusive Access to me, Trish!

Got a burning question for me? I’ll be available to answer your questions every week and you can join me for a live Q+A sesh where you can literally ask me anything. Pregnancy, babies, s-e-x, where I get my hair done…it’s alllll on the table, ladies. While I’ll still be on IG, my FB group will be moving over, and this community is where I’ll be spending most of my time.

Early Releases of Content

Want to be the first to hear my podcast episodes before they drop? View my YouTube videos before they’re released? Then this, my friend, is where you need to be. Community members will find out first. 

Recordings of All Trainings and Q+As

Can’t make it an expert training or a live Q+A sesh? No worries. You’ll get access to recordings of everything so you can enjoy at a later date if you need to. Of course, we’d love to see you live, but #momlife. We get it.

Community + Connection

With our sub-groups and opportunities for regular live conversations, you’ll have an entire community of like-minded women with similar experiences to lean on. We have lively discussion threads, happy hours, and tons of ways to connect.

And as a member, you get access to all of this mama-centric content for just $29 $19 a month.

This sounds perfect for me!

Still wondering if this is the right fit? Check out what other mamas have asked before hopping in:

I’m so IN!

Gain immediate access to the community and all of the glorious, mama-centric content mentioned above.

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  • Live workshops throughout the month - $697 value
  • Live Group Coaching with Birth Professionals every week (one Specifically for VBAC mamas) - a $1000 Value
  • Live Postpartum Weekly Support Group - a $1000 Value
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