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Learn everything you need to know so you feel completely confident and prepared to give birth

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Every mama deserves to understand exactly how birth works.

But so often, women show up to one of the single most important days of their lives woefully underprepared. Or they’re just winging it, hoping that the staff at the hospital will help guide them through childbirth.

Either way, the details of labor and delivery don’t quite get communicated properly. And things can start to unravel quickly.

In the labor + delivery room, this is what we call a “cascade of interventions”. But when you fully understand the consequences of each choice throughout the process — you get to write your own birth story. 

I'm going with the smarter choice!
You deserve to have a birth story you control.

And most days, you feel pretty sure about what that looks like. You know that:

But when it comes to what you DO want for that magical day you bring your child into the world - things get a little harder to articulate. 

You start considering an "unmedicated" childbirth...

And then the thought of all the pain leaves you thinking that epidural needle looks pretty darn good.

Until you realize it's SO long...and that terrifies you, so you're back to considering a drug-free experience.

It's exhausting. But Mama, You do not need to do it alone! Calm Labor Confident Birth Class will help you find your birth mojo and stay in control!


Hey, I’m Trish, a labor nurse + childbirth educator 

I’ve been a high-risk labor and delivery nurse for over 15 years. And I’ve also given birth myself 6 times (<< nope, not a typo)

I’ve delivered thousands of babies (yep, I have the most incredible job in the world!I want you to understand what you’re capable of. I want you to feel completely confident in your ability to bring this baby into the world (because, yes, that’s what your body was made to do). While I’d love to be there by your side and help you navigate the delivery room like a boss....

I’ve created the next best thing. It’s a complete birth class that combines all of my experience from over 15 years in the labor and delivery room — and puts the training + preparation for you and your partner in one place so you can create unshakeable confidence.

Calm Labor Confident Birth Class will replace your anxiety + fear with certainty

  • It’s taught by an actual labor and delivery nurse veteran (a trained medical professional and not a doula or midwife)
  • Empowers you and prepares you for any choice you make — whether you’re having a home birth, hospital birth, medicated, non-medicated, or c-section. — not have them made for you 
  • Teaches you to how to make the best choices for you and your body, your baby, and your dream birth story
  • Provides unparalleled support and community 
  • Can be watched on your own time 
  • Delivers dynamic education that actually teaches you how to make choices and decisions when presented with new information
  • Shows you how to try to avoid medical interventions, but sets you up for success if you do need one
  • Presented in an easy-to-understand format and is actually a ton of fun

My comprehensive, highest-quality educational program puts you in control!

Once you're in you get:

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We are so confident that you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate your birth successfully, that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked.

You'll have two weeks to review the course and if you don't think it's the most comprehensive & educational resource on childbirth ever created we will happily refund your money. 

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Free 30 days Membership in Calm Mama Society Membership  

  • Access to a Labor & Delivery nurse & Doula via Private App - A $997 Value
  • Private Pregnancy/Postpartum Community Group (with live workshops) - a $250 value 
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  • Postpartum Weekly Support Group - a $1000 Value
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