You Can be the support she needs!

Knowing how to assist, reposition mama,  & when to speak up is important!

Time to create a game plan!

Hey, I'm Trish, creator of The Birth Coach Class, How to be a rock star labor coach! 

I'm a specialized, high-risk labor and delivery nurse who's a mom of 7, including 5 boys and 2 girls. I speak this language and know exactly how to motivate your support coach with practical tips for each stage,

I've delivered babies at some of the top medical facilities in the US.

But my true passion is teaching and empowering women to write the birth story of their dreams.

This is why I educate tens of thousands of women every day on Instagram as @labor.nurse.mama. 

Over on IG, I started to get hundreds of messages a day from women who had SO many unanswered questions. 

I began to educate these mamas on the facts. I helped them understand that yes, they can own their birth!

I shared tips and tricks to creating a positive labor mindset and the keywords to use to communicate their wishes for their birth experience. 

And guess what happened?

My inbox flooded with success stories.

 It's been beyond rewarding to see my students achieve their birth dreams and write their own birth stories.

Now it's your turn, this course is for my coaches, partners, and friends of my birthing queens. The partner who wants to rise above and be more than present!

Inside this Mini-Course You Will begin your journey towards supporting your birthing partner: 

  • Let's clear up all those questions you have in your mind about how best to be a labor coach.

Did you know that a woman who is supported is less likely to end up in a cesarean?  

Did you know that by being educated and truly present the use of interventions is decreased?

We’ll dig into your role in the labor room so that you are a boss labor coach.

  • Just what is transition and how best do I walk her through it?

You have the right to tell her doctor, nurse, or even midwife her plans and how best to stick to them during the birth.

Simply updating family and standing nervously to the side is not enough.

  • Let go of your preconceived notions of this role! 
  • Understand your powerful presence! 
  • Choose to be present and engaged!

I'll share my insider's tips on how best you can rise to the occasion!


Psst...This is what ACOG says, 

"Evidence suggests that, in addition to regular nursing care, continuous one-to-one emotional support provided by support personnel, such as a doula, is associated with improved outcomes for women in labor"

AOG (American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists) AKA They govern your provider!


Labor Support 101: Creating the Support System You Need for birth Success 

In this mini-course, we'll educate you the coach and turn you into a passionate beacon of support - and make sure you know how to help her best in the labor room. 

I've walked thousands of women through the process of creating ideal birth support. Learn my tips for:

  • Educating the partner so they are working with you
  • Help you understand that the provider isn't always "right"
  • Understanding how critical your support is to the birthing process
  • Assigning roles during labor 
  • Making sure postpartum recovery goes smoothly for both of you

Let's get you prepared to be the coach she deserves!


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Don’t just wing your important role. Be prepared.

Be determined.

Be ready!


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