You Can Have The VBAC Birth YOU Want!

Get the training you need to stand up for your choice and confidently take charge of your birth

I'm ready to get started!

Are you ready to write your birth story?

Not the one everyone else is pressuring you to have. A birth story where you make  the decisions and call the shots.

One where you know what’s coming and you’re totally in control… One where you feel completely capable of assessing the situation and knowing what choice to make, when.

Yes, you’ve given birth before. But it didn’t *quite* go the way you hoped...

And now you know that you can’t just show up at the hospital, expecting that someone is going to walk you through what’s going on.

You understand that if you’re not informed before you get to the hospital and feeling strong once you get there…

That decisions will be made FOR you, not WITH you.

VBAC births are special, not because they’re dangerous or inherently scary.

It’s because by the time a mama gets to her VBAC she’s had to endure a ton of resistance. A lot of negativity. And she feels alone.

Which is why I want to introduce you to The VBAC Lab.


A VBAC is a courageous choice to make.

Even though you know it’s better for your body and your baby if you can pull it off, there are more than a few roadblocks standing in your way.

For one, there’s finding a provider who will support you (without rules).

Then there’s the constant criticism from others.

Always having to defend your choice. (even though evidence backs you up!)

Here’s the thing, mama.

 VBAC isn’t impossible. It’s not inherently dangerous. And it’s definitely not magic.

But without proper preparation — you can find yourself being pushed and even bullied into making choices you *know* in your heart aren’t in your or your baby’s best interest.

I'm here to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.
I'm going with the smarter choice!

Up to 80% of mamas who try for VBAC are successful!

 And your chances increase with: 

  • Knowledge about the process of labor and vaginal delivery

  • Understanding how to avoid exhaustion and frustration

  • The ability to confidently communicate your needs 

  • Knowing your rights and how to exercise them

  • Informed consent for interventions

  • Proper support in the labor room

    The VBAC Lab will give you all the tools you need to succeed.


Hey, I’m Trish! But some call me the VBAC fairy...

During my 15+ years in labor + delivery, I've seen first hand the difference between a mama who’s studied and one that’s just showing up and hoping for the best. If you're *really* serious about a VBAC, you can't leave it to chance, mama. 

I want you to walk out of the hospital smiling and triumphant…Rather than feeling like you failed…

When you haven’t spent thousands of hours in a delivery room, it can be tough to imagine the torture on a mama’s face as she’s being pressured into interventions or wheeled into the operating room for a c-section…

And it's even harder to realize that when it comes to this delivery, you won’t have the chance for a do-over…

Which is why the time is now to start writing your VBAC birth story. I’ve created the next best thing.

It’s a program that takes all of my experience with VBAC mamas and puts the training, preparation, and education for you and your partner in one place so you can create that VBAC victory.

Welcome to The VBAC Lab, mama.

The VBAC Lab gives you everything you need to feel confident about your VBAC, Once inside you'll have access to:

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I'm so confident that you'll learn everything you need to know to navigate your VBAC delivery successfully, that I’m offering a 30-day money-back guarantee — no questions asked.

You'll have two full weeks to review the course and if you don't think it's the most comprehensive & educational resource on VBAC ever created I will happily refund your money. 

Frequently Asked Questions

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